Safety's VIP Claims Centers

Safety's VIP Claims Centers are convenient locations where our valued customers go to participate in our VIP Repair Program. The VIP Centers are staffed with licensed appraisers who can also perform VIP Drive-In Appraisals.

van transportation and VIP claim center dropoff location


North Shore
VIP Drive-In Center

140 Commonwealth Avenue
Suite 102
Danvers, MA 01923
Directions (PDF)

South Shore
VIP Drive-In Center

Braintree Executive Park
100 Grossman Drive
Suite 102
Braintree, MA 02184
Directions (PDF)

(877) 951-1435

The VIP Repair program provides a premier, start to finish complimentary repair service in two simple steps:

Drop Off

Drop off your vehicle at the VIP Claims Center. We will arrange to have your vehicle transported to a quality repair facility where repairs will begin immediately. If you like, we can have a rental vehicle waiting for you when you arrive.

Pick Up

Pick up your repaired vehicle at the VIP Claims Center. Most repairs take less than a week!

VIP Drive-In Appraisals

The VIP Appraisal program is an enhanced process that allows you to receive your appraisal on the spot. The VIP Appraisal program is optional and appointments are not needed. The appraisals are written by Safety’s licensed appraisers. In addition, the experienced staff at our VIP Centers have direct access to our systems, allowing them to answer questions you may have regarding your claim.

All of Safety’s VIP Centers are open for:

  • VIP Repair Appointments: Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • VIP Drive-in Appraisals: Monday - Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Safety’s VIP Repair Program provides a “once and done” end-to-end claim and repair service. Under select criteria, drivable vehicles are brought to one of our VIP Claims Centers where the damage is reviewed with a Safety representative so that a comprehensive appraisal can be written. Safety then coordinates same-day transportation and dismantling of the damaged vehicle with a repair shop that is part of our Repair Network. All shops in our network are licensed and experienced and we now have almost 20 shops that participate in our program!

The VIP Claims Center can also schedule a rental vehicle to be on site and available for pick up and use while repairs to your vehicle are being done. In addition, the VIP Claims Center monitors the repair process and performs a reinspection to ensure the repairs are satisfactory. As soon as your vehicle is ready for pick up, you will be notified and all the repairs will be reviewed with you. You will also be provided with copies of the appraisals as well as Safety’s lifetime warranty of the repair. The best part is the VIP Claims Service is free!

You Make the Choice As a Safety Insurance policyholder we respect your right to choose and we thank you for choosing Safety Insurance. When it comes to the repair of your vehicle Safety offers four options to choose from. Those options are as follows:

  • Select your own repair shop
  • Participate in Safety’s VIP Claims Services program
  • Select a repair shop from our direct payment plan’s network of referral shops
  • Accept the settlement check and not complete the repairs *

Auto accidents are never convenient but Safety Insurance is committed to minimizing the hassle. Our goal is to have your vehicle fixed safely and to get you back on the road as quick as possible. As a reminder, Safety Insurance can either; manage the repair process for you, work with one of our referral shops or work with your repair shop. Whatever choice you make, our claims staff is always available to answer your questions.

  • May be subject to lien holder agreement. This option decreases the actual cash value of your vehicle.