Safety Insurance Community Standards

At Safety Insurance, the key to our success is service. We listen carefully when you contact us, and we respond to your suggestions. We want to hear from you and encourage comments, reviews, questions, and suggestions. We’ll do our best to talk candidly about the topics that are important to you, listen to your feedback, answer your questions, and be transparent about sharing information and providing our perspective.

We support our network of independent agents by providing them with state-of-the-art tools that make it easy to do business. One of those tools is a set of community standards - rules to ensure all people feel empowered and safe to participate in online conversations with Safety Insurance as a company and on an individual level with our agents. Harassment, hateful conduct, violence, impersonation, degradation, and other similar types of behaviors discourages people from participating in and diminishes the value of public conversation. Our rules are in service of our customers and our community - we do everything in our power to make it easy for our agents and policyholders to do business with us.

In commenting online, we kindly ask that you respect other people’s opinions, stay on topic, avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal content, and anything else that might otherwise violate our standard terms and conditions.

Please be aware that once you post something online, there’s the potential for others to read your words, even years from now. As a result, we suggest that you exercise caution when posting sensitive information on any of our social media sites and that you not disclose personal identifiable information like your location, claim number, financial information, etc.

Safety Insurance reserves the right to review, edit and/or delete any comments it deems are in violation of our community standards. Comments including but not limited to the following may be deleted or edited by the moderators:

  • Abusive, hurtful, or threatening comments about an individual or entity
  • Comments that use or encourage the use of foul language or violence; anything that may be deemed as “hate speech”
  • Personal attacks or defamatory statements
  • Off-topic and redundant comments (this includes promotion of events, groups, pages, websites, organizations, and programs not related to or affiliated with Safety Insurance)
  • Comments that violate the privacy of our customers and/or their families
  • Comments posted be a person or group impersonating another individual or group; content that is intended to or does mislead or confuse others
  • Comments that include violations of others’ intellectual property rights, such as but not limited to copyrights and trademarks

By posting, commenting, reviewing, or otherwise engaging with materials on our social media channels, you are hereby agreeing to the above guidelines and policies. Please note, these rules may change from time to time in order to continue to provide the highest level of service to our customers.