Safety Pledge

The Safety Pledge - Our Commitment to Safer Driving

Safety Insurance is committed to improving driver safety. That includes not only helping current drivers change old habits, but also encouraging new and young drivers to follow safe driving principles from the get-go. As drivers, children, and parents of children, we realize that we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

Becoming a safe driver is more than a decision; it’s a life-long commitment that requires a strong sense of responsibility, and of consequence. That’s why we’ve created the “The Safety Pledge”. The Safety Pledge is a unique agreement that allows parents to define driving responsibilities for their teens, and set forth consequences to ensure these agreements are upheld.

Please take a moment to share the “The Safety Pledge” with your children. Discuss its content, set forth rules, and ensure your children understand the importance of driving safely.

Printer-friendly Safety Pledge.