Driver Safety

The Safety Pledge: Our Commitment to Safer Driving

Safety Insurance and our agents are dedicated to helping Massachusetts drivers become the safest drivers on the road.

Our plan will help parents prepare their young driver to be the safest driver possible.

We pledge to provide our agents and their customers with comprehensive information about safe driving and easy access to the best behind-the-wheel advanced driver training resources.

We are committed to raising awareness of safer driving for teenagers, and everyone on the road.

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Joining Forces to Improve Driver Safety

To demonstrate our commitment to improving driver safety in Massachusetts, particularly for teens, Safety Insurance has partnered with the driver training and education center, In Control Family Foundation. This partnership will help educate teens and drivers of all ages about safe driving practices, and encourage participation in advanced driver skills development programs to reduce the number of accidents on our state’s roads.

Through this partnership, drivers who participate in In Control’s Crash Prevention Training will receive a five percent discount on their automobile insurance from Safety Insurance. In addition, drivers with Safety Insurance coverage will be able to participate in In Control’s Crash Prevention Training for only $75.00, a more than a 70 percent discount from the normal $350.00 enrollment fee.

In Control Family Foundation was founded to address the lack of advanced behind-the-wheel training in the U.S. driver education and licensing system. In Control offers a driver skills development program that teaches drivers to avoid the most common and serious collisions. The four-and-a-half hour course is conducted in large, unobstructed areas for drivers of all ages. For more information visit the In Control Crash Prevention website.