Safety's Proud to Sponsor

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program

Safety Insurance has partnered with the Massachusetts DOT Registry of Motor Vehicles, New Hampshire Driver Education Teachers Association, Safe Roads Alliance, Travelers Marketing, and J. F. Griffin to sponsor “The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program.”

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program is of no cost to families or taxpayers. In Massachusetts the guide is available statewide at full-service RMV Service Centers. In New Hampshire the guide is distributed by the New Hampshire DMV and New Hampshire Driver Education Teachers Association (NHDETA) to all teens taking a driver’s education course.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program contains information and lessons on driving basics, parental pointers, and licensing qualifications that are helpful to parents of new drivers. The program also offers the RoadReady® mobile app, which can track the required supervised driving time of 40 hours. The RoadReady® mobile app mobile app is available for free in the App StoreSM and on Google PlaySM.

Safety Insurance is proud to sponsor this official Program, and hopes that it will make the driving experience a safer one for both you and your teen driver.


Download Massachusetts Guide PDF

New Hampshire

Download New Hampshire Guide PDF

This program is also available online at