Protecting Yourself and Others on the Road

Each June since 1996, the United States observes National Safety Month to promote awareness of and encourage efforts to keep each other safe on the road, in homes, and in our communities. Safety Insurance and our agents are dedicated to helping Massachusetts drivers, homeowners and renters, and business owners keep everyone safe from harm and supported when damages or injuries happen.

Keeping Safe on the Road

Driving safely and keeping aware of your surroundings is essential in protecting yourself, your loved ones, your vehicle, and others on the road. Promoting and practicing safety while driving is as simple as:

  • Buckling Up and Watching Your Speed – Even though this is common sense and the law, these are critically important and essential ways to keep everyone safe.
  • Staying focused, clear headed, and calm on the road – Distracted and aggressive driving as well as driving under the influence, whether caused by technology, your surroundings, or your state of mind, continues to increase on our roadways to the detriment of us all. By keeping your attention on the road and not using your phone, connected device, or trying to engage in multitasking, in addition to keeping calm as well as maintaining a safe speed and a safe distance away from others, – you can keep your focus on the road ahead as well as the safety of yourself and others.
  • Plan for Life’s Storms – Whether you are heading out to run a quick errand or for your next road trip, be sure to monitor weather conditions like rainstorms, fog, and ice. Plan ahead by ensuring you are travelling with any supplies you might need and be ready to reduce speeds and consider changing your plans if the conditions become too extreme.

With your safety in mind, we’ve partnered with TrueMotion to create Drive with Safety – a telematics technology-based application that provides Safety Insureds with the ability to monitor driving habits, and the opportunity to discuss safe driving behaviors with the entire family. The app uses data from the phone sensors to detect and track risky driving behaviors such as speeding, distracting driving and hard breaking.

Additionally, Safety Insurance has partnered with the Massachusetts DOT Registry of Motor Vehicles, New Hampshire Driver Education Teachers Association, Safe Roads Alliance, Travelers Marketing, and J. F. Griffin to sponsor “The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program,” offered at no cost to families or taxpayers. The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program contains information and lessons on driving basics, parental pointers, and licensing qualifications that are helpful to parents of new drivers. The program also offers a RoadReady® mobile app, which can track the required supervised driving time of 40 hours. Also, in Massachusetts, Safety Insurance has joined forces with the driver training and education center In Control Family Foundation, to improve driver safety in the Commonwealth by providing In Control Crash Prevention Training.

Please view our products for more information on our endorsements. Please contact your independent agent and they will be happy to answer any questions about coverage. Safety Insurance helps you manage life’s storms both online and in person.