MAIP Contact Information

MAIP Contact and Policy Processing Information

Following are some guidelines which will help you submit applications that have been assigned to Safety Insurance through the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan.

Rates are available for download in PDF format.

Submitting a New Business Application

New Business submissions and supplemental applications* should be provided to Safety Insurance with all supporting documentation within two (2) business days. Please include a cover page with the total number of pages in your submission


  • Submissions can be in MS Word or PDF format

Fax: 617-960-5749

Note: If you have a contract with Safety Insurance or have been granted access to our system, you may submit the application electronically. If the application is submitted electronically, supporting documents do not have to be submitted to Safety; if additional information is required, an underwriter will contact you.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding MAIP business, please contact Safety’s Underwriting Department @ (800)951-2100, extension 4700.

Submitting the Downpayment

A deposit of twenty five percent (25%) of the quoted MAIP rate is required for all new business submissions. However if the applicant has been canceled for non-payment during the preceding 24 months, a deposit of eighty percent (80%) of the quoted MAIP rate, or if known 100% of the Safety rate, is required.

New Business Deposits should be submitted to the following address:

Safety Insurance Company

PO Box 55089

Boston MA 02205-5089

Deposits must be submitted to Safety within two (2) business days, however this period may be extended for an additional seven (7) days upon sufficient notice that all or part of the premium is being financed.

*IMPORTANT*: Please read and follow The Premium Financing Procedures carefully. If there is any information you do not understand, please contact Billing at (800) 951-2100 x5147 for clarification prior to completing the premium financing application.

For any billing questions, please call (800) 951-2100 x3200.


In the event of a claim, please have the insured call Safety directly at (800) 951-2100.

For Glass Claims, please call 877-615-6576.

Special Investigations Unit:

Robert Rutkowski, Manager

(800) 951-2100 x3325


Endorsement Processing

Agents with online access to Safety’s applications may process endorsements electronically. Agents without access should fax or email the appropriate documentation to Safety insurance.


Fax: 617-960-5749